11 Best Planers for Beginners

Embarking on your woodworking journey doesn’t imply a lack of savvy—especially when it comes to selecting the right planer. Amidst a sea of options, a few gems shine through. And hey, let’s turn you into a Dutch Oven Virtuoso along the way!

Master Woodcrafting: Top 11 Beginner-Friendly Planers Reviewed

It’s crucial to differentiate between hand and bench planers to pinpoint the ideal fit for novices. High-caliber choices from Dewalt to Makita await, each with unique features like power, thickness, and blade type to consider.

We’ve simplified the quest by evaluating the top 3 hand planers and the best 8 benchtop planers for starters. Ready to delve into the essentials of a top-notch planer? Let’s dive in!

Top 3 Hand Planers for Rookies

Before snagging that perfect planer, let’s explore the varieties available. For those just starting, the debate often boils down to choosing between a hand planer and a benchtop planer.

Hand planers excel in mobility and are ideal for trim jobs, while benchtop planers offer robust cuts with their stationary prowess. Both types require a flat surface for optimal operation.

Here are the 3 leading hand planers for beginners:

  1. DEWALT Hand Planer (DW680K): A stellar performer for newbies, this tool’s 7-Amp motor and 15,000 RPM ensure efficient planning. It boasts a 3/32-inch depth capacity, reversible steel blades, and precision control with its depth adjustment knob.
  2. PORTER-CABLE Hand Planer (PC60THP): Ideal for on-the-go edging and planing, this 6-Amp, 8.28-pound powerhouse offers 16,500 RPM. Its dust port keeps your workspace tidy, and the carbide cutting blades alongside 10 positive steps for adjustment promise precision.
  3. Makita Planer Kit (KP0800K): For a reliable, high-performance hand planing, this 6.5-Amp tool with 17,000 RPM is a quiet achiever in its class. It accommodates 3 1/4-inch wide and 3/32-inch deep cuts, ensuring a smooth finish every time.

8 Top Benchtop Planers for Starters

Benchtop planers, the go-to for many novices, level out wood surfaces with either straight or spiral blades for deeper cuts. They’re indispensable for those seeking to up their woodworking ante. Here’s a look at 8 of the finest benchtop planers tailored for beginners:

# Model Amps RPM Max Depth Unique Feature
1 DEWALT (DW734) 15 20,000 1/8″ 33 1/2″ support table
2 WEN 6550T 15 18,000 6″ Granite feeder table
3 DEWALT DW735X 15 20,000 13″ Two-speed gearbox
4 WEN 6552 15 25,000 3/32″ Three

-blade system

5 POWERTEC PL1251 15 18,800 3/32″ Portability
6 CRAFTSMAN CMEW320 15 16,000 3/32″ Foldable feeder table
7 Makita 2012NB 15 8,500 12″ Interna-Lok head clamp
8 Porter-Cable PC305TP 15 16,000 12″ Fast feeder

11 Best Planers for Beginners

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