Is Your Lumber too Dry? Best Wood Moisture Meter of 2020

Hello fellow woodworkers! This is Thomas, your go-to carpentry enthusiast. Today, I’m here to dive into the world of wood moisture meters. Trust me, choosing the right one is a game-changer for your woodworking projects. Remember, precision is key for that flawless finish. Let’s ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste because of wood distortion caused by moisture.

Perfect Planks: Top Wood Moisture Meters of 2020 Reviewed!

Embarking on the quest for the perfect moisture meter can feel like navigating a maze. It’s not just about snazzy features; it’s about finding what really matters. The crux of the matter lies in accuracy and the type of sensor – pins or pinless.

For those indoor furniture pieces, aim for a moisture content between 5% and 9%, with a meter boasting an accuracy of at least 0.1%. If you’re handling delicate wood, consider an electromagnetic, pinless meter to avoid leaving marks.

We’ve put together a review to streamline your decision-making process. Got a favorite brand? Drop it in the comments!

Moisture Meter Guide

Brand Accuracy Features Price
Wagner Orion 910 > 0.1% pinless, 7 year warranty $379
mini-Ligno 0.1% Pin type, 6-55% range $119
Extech Mo55 0.1% pinless $109
Klien ET140 3% Pin $39
General MMD4E 3% Pin $31
TACKLIFE MWM03 2% Pin $45
Sam Pro Dual NA Pin $40
Dr Meter 0.5% Pinless $56
Accumaster Duo 3% Pin, sensor, 5-50% range $63
Stark 14013 none pin sensor, 0-99% range $20

Is Your Lumber too Dry? Best Wood Moisture Meter of 2020

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