6 Top Wood Files for Woodworking Everyone Needs Today.

Hello fellow photography enthusiasts, Arnold here! With a journey of 15 years capturing life through the lens, I’ve accumulated quite the collection of gear and gadgets. And yes, my camera bag often resembles a magician’s hat – you never know what you might pull out next!

6 Essential Wood Files for Woodworking Success

Among the myriad of tools, one that consistently tags along is my trusty GorillaPod. While it may not be the ideal support for my hefty DSLR, it’s a gem for positioning flashes and partnering with my GoPro on adventures.

I recently got my hands on the Miggo Splat, a novel tripod that stands out with its flat, pliable, rubber-clad legs – a stark contrast to the GorillaPod’s ball-and-socket architecture.

Unboxing the Miggo Splat Travel Tripod

Miggo, a brand that emerged in 2014, has introduced the Splat Flexible Tripod, offering versions for DSLRs, mirrorless, and action cameras. The Splat boasts a durable design with a maximum load of 500 grams for GoPros and action cams, and 1200 grams for DSLRs.

First Glimpse

The Miggo Splat intrigued me from the start. It’s lightweight yet feels robust enough to withstand the rigors of creative photography. A five-year warranty allays any fears about its long-term resilience. The action cam Splat’s legs, however, seemed a tad short, and the rubber, less grippy than I’d hoped.

In the Wild

Mounting cameras proved a bit of a challenge sans quick release. The DSLR version comes with a handy ring to help with attachment, but the action cam Splat could do with a better solution than a makeshift coin screwdriver.

The Splat’s design for action cams is smart, albeit limited without a ball head. It shines when used as a handle for more stable video shooting, despite its susceptibility to rust post-saltwater adventures.

DSLR Splat

Upon my initial inspection, the three-legged design seemed inadequate. It’s somewhat restricted in terms of framing and stabilizing shots. Yet, it excels as a compact, sturdy option for certain scenarios, such as selfies or time-lapses.

For my setup, the DSLR Splat is particularly effective for innovative lighting placements, keeping equipment off dirty surfaces, and offering a degree of protection.

Product Maximum Load Notable Features Price Rating
Splat Flexible Tripod for Go-Pro and Action Cameras 500 grams Portable, 5 legs, suitable for creative placement $10.99 4.5 STARS
Splat Flexible Tripod for DSLR Cameras 1200 grams Sturdy, 3 legs, good for lighting setups $25.00 2.5 STARS

6 Top Wood Files for Woodworking Everyone Needs Today.

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